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Take DIRECTV on the Go

With access to High Speed Internet from AT&T, you can stream your
favorite movies and shows at home and on the go.

Take advantage of more convenience and viewing options when you add
AT&T to your DIRECTV package.

Content/channels/functionality varies. Data charges may apply.

Make It a Bundle with AT&T


Why stop at fast Internet when you can order all your home services? Add digital home phone for the ultimate bundle. You'll get the #1 satellite TV service in the country, fast and reliable Internet plus the connectivity of a home phone. Build your perfect bundle with options for local and nationwide calling plans. Get more and save more with a triple play.

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Benefits of Fast & Affordable Direct TV Packages

Direct TV is a streaming & over the top preference, which offers multiple of live TV channels, the premium programming option & also the access to more than 25,000 on demand shows & movies & it effectively swap what you're watching from one TV to another or from one tablet to TV so, that one can enjoy Direct TV anywhere in the house. Direct TV gives you the opportunity to enjoy the top quality TV, the internet & the phone service from which you can save more of your hard earned money in the process.

One can also download Direct TV App & start streaming your favorite downloaded & recorder or pre-recorded shows or movies on your respective mobile devices along with your Direct TV subscription, where no add-up equipment is required.

Though, Direct TV appreciates itself in having the best acute knowledge in the industry of television.

Entertainment budget with the use of Direct TV Special Promotion includes:

  • More than 145+ channels with an alignment of base package
  • Whole home upgrades
  • Inclusion of sports programs like NFL Network & ESPN
  • Lucent clear HD Channels with the great form of picture quality
  • Several of premium channels such as HBO, STARZ, CINEMEX AND SHOWTIME & much more.
  • Synchronization to mobile devices for iPads or Smartphone's
  • Incorporation of Direct TV leads to the good amount of amazing pattern of huge savings.

    Direct TV Packages

    Direct TV packages offers more than 315+ of all the digital channels which consist of more than 200 full times HD Channels & also the variety of HD DVR features, multimedia apps & much more.

    It offers some lineup elements like Direct TV media share which makes the assimilation of your home computer system applications & your TV services the better airflow. It also benefits you by maximizing your home entertainment with the use of Direct TV services along with the high-speed internet.

    One can choose from a huge variety of Direct TV Packages to find out one of your viewing choices & as per the lineup budget as each Direct TV package offers the number of channel counts with the best networks & programming access to one of the leading technology.

    So, whether you are a sports freak, a reality addict, movie buff or a daily soap devotee's, here is the list of multiple of programming packages from the Direct TV that is just most suitable for you.

    The available package options include:

    All the plans listed below are different from each other in terms of the number of channels offered & the prices. Rather, all the streaming services & the Direct TV Genie HD DVR can be worn with all the plans.

  • Premium - The Premium package is considered as the Direct TV largest programming package which offers you 315+ digital channels which also involves all the premium networks like HBO, STARZ, CINEMEX AND SHOWTIME & also the 35+ specialty sports channels & much more.
  • Ultimate - The Ultimate package is termed as the perfect package for all sorts of movie lovers which offers 240+ digital channels which also involves the networks like chillers, sprout & also the movie channels & all of the ENCORE movie networks.
  • Extra - The Extra Package is considered as the most popular package amongst the all as it offers 220+ digital channels with a huge array of sports channels, movies, news & also the easy access to numerous off on demand titles for better entertainment process.
  • Choice™ - The Choice™ package is the most appropriate family option which includes 175+ digital channels consisting of the networks like the Disney channel, Nickelodeon & also the cartoon network which will keep your kids entertained. The Choice™ package is the best Direct TV family packages.
  • Entertainment - The Entertainment package gives you 150+ channels which also involve the most popular entertainment, sports and news channels, including ESPN, as well as 55+ digital music channels & much more.
  • Select™ - The Select™ package is an unbeatable home entertainment value which offers 145+ digital channels at most affordable prices.
  • You can choose any of the Direct TV packages from the lot as per your requirement & budgetary pocket as Direct TV gives you more of the entertainment you love & number of ways to watch it.

    One can also add the channel that entertains you the most i.e. direct TV allow you to add up all the specialized programming channels or supplementing your package with the NFL Sunday Ticket lineup at the price that one can afford.

    Direct TV Special Deals

    Direct TV offer a wide range of plans & Direct TV special deals which are started over at the very cost-effective prices & also the individual is also benefitted with the multiple of discounts whenever you sign-up online.

    Apart from the affordable prices, the streaming services of Direct TV have also made it easy for the customers to watch the wide range of television shows & movies as per the budgetary pocket.

    Rather, Direct TV offers several of economical packages & they also come up with numerous of prime features which are often founded only in the much higher pricier plans.

    Unlike others, Direct TV does not provide phone or internet services rather, Direct TV partner with the AT&T to offer streamlined packages for the phone as well as for the high-speed internet.

    Advantages of Direct TV

  • Direct TV delivers the high-quality programming function & it also has no such limitations of the restricted bandwidth.
  • Direct TV packages offer the wide variety of channels i.e. from the current trends to the wide range of educational channels & also from watching sports to the movie channels & much more.
  • All the packages of Direct TV have standard parental control feature in every of his subscription.
  • Digital TV also offers High Definition Television (HDTV) & Digital video recording to its customers.
  • Direct TV is considered as the best option for the sports programming & it's one of the biggest draws is the NFL Sunday ticket package.
  • Direct TV also benefits you to rewind, pause or stop the live TV so that interruptions like phone calls or the sound of door bells doesn't cause you to miss any of your important programs.
  • The picture offered by the Satellite Television is often superior when it is compared to the other from the lot.
  • Direct TV allows you to access the entertainment almost anywhere.
  • Even the price of the satellite TV is much lesser than others in the lot as it is available in fairly programming packages for the month as well as on the yearly basis.
  • Taking the above-stated benefits into the consideration, it is definitely worth saying that Direct TV has multiple of best packages at the most competitive rates as it is also the best way to save the money on the monthly television services basis. Direct TV new customer phone number

    A superior way to watch as your Direct TV package is just a call away!

    Increasing your level of entertainment with the number 1 satellite TV services is very simple. All you have to do is just to call or request a Direct TV for your residence. A knowledgeable, reliable & helpful assistant will guide & help you through your order & will definitely get you the best lineup deal available on DIRECTV special deals & offers.

    Direct TV believes in creating the delightful & satisfying experience for all of its customers & it also popularly leads in customer satisfaction for all the new & existing customers.

    Get the solution to all your questions & also the 24/7 technical support you need by just calling on the Direct TV new customer phone number as we value you as our customers & therefore, remains available to provide you with the better line of customer services, whenever you need it.

    Either you are a new or the existing customer for the Direct TV, you will also be given the priority & will be treated to the best level & will be provided with the best customer support & services. Whether it's general or technical support or, the up gradation of the services to the new or existing customers, we will help you in the best possible manner.

    The final words for the Direct TV are also aligned with the subject-matter to the proper function of programming system i.e. it will help you to take your entertainment experience further. So, now there is no doubt that Direct TV beats the other form of television technology in the context of entertainment, technology & value.

    Take You Can Watch TV, or You Can Experience TV.

    DIRECTV is the Leader in 4K ULTRA HD

    DIRECTV sets the standard in home entertainment, taking TV to the next level. DIRECTV 4K Ultra HD gives you the industry's best picture format, with virtually 4X the resolution of HD, richer colors and more lifelike clarity.* And when you pair it with Dolby 7.1 sound, you'll have access to the ultimate entertainment experience.3

    1Content/channels/functionality varies. Data charges may apply.

    4Requires one TV connected to a wired Genie HD DVR and

    a Wireless Genie Mini for each additional TV.

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